DIY Wooden Heart

I went garage sale shopping in the summertime and found this wooden heart. I  bought it and kept it knowing that I wanted to use it for Valentines’ Day.

I got it out last week and spray painted it pink.  Oh…. how I love spray paint! I am really getting the hang of spray painting. Here is my post on how I have learned how to spray paint.

After spray painting this beautiful heart pink… I wrapped some twine around it and made a heart out of felt. Hot Glued the twine, red felt heart, and twine bow and viola… a wooden heart!

I wanted to hang this heart somewhere… but the way that I had wrapped the twine and the wire on the heart it wouldn’t hang straight.
My mother was in town and she said… why don’t you just put it on an easel. I said OK… let me try that.
I love how it turned out!!!
I love the simplicity of a craft on an easel!!

Wooden Heart

By Carrie Perrins
*Inspired by A Happy Song
  • wooden heart
  • red felt
  • jute twine
  • wire
  • easel
  • hot glue/gun
Spray paint your wooden heart the color of your choice. Let dry. 
Wrap the heart with jute twine, overlapping some of it, making sure is tight. Hot glue on the back of the heart. Cut out of felt, a small heart. Hot glue the red felt heart to the top of the twine. With the twine, tie a bow and glue on top of heart. Now, my heart came with the holes already drilled into it. If you have to… drill holes in your heart. Attach the wire and hot glue on back of heart. 
Display on easel. 
This Wooden Heart does make my heart happy and sits on my kitchen counter. 
I love the bright pink, with the twine, and red heart. 
And…. thanks mom for the decor tip… I may just end up displaying a lot more crafts on an easel. 
Happy Day-
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