Wet Erase Weekly Menu Fridge Magnet

I don’t like a lot of things on my fridge. In fact… the girls art work goes up only for the day. I have never put magnets on my fridge before. Not even… the famous Leap Frog Fridge Phonics magnets.
I don’t like bulky items on my doors…I am in those doors a million times a day.
I just like a clean fridge.
This is just me.

However, starting today… I just changed that rule.

I decided I needed something on my fridge.

A WET Erase Weekly Menu Magnet.

I like to plan out my meals. I usually write them down in my family planner. I decided I wanted a Wet Erase Weekly Menu on my fridge, that way I can do a better job in preparing my meals and the rest of my family can know what is for dinner.

I created this Magnetic Weekly Menu.

Here are the Directions:

Wet Erase Weekly Menu Fridge Magnet

By Carrie Perrins
  • free printable weekly menu
  • thermal laminating sheets and laminator 
  • flexible magnetic sheets {8 ½ x 11}
  • mod podge
  • disposable paint brush
  • wet erase markers
1. Print out Weekly Menu on Card Stock.
2. Laminate it according to the directions on your laminator.  
3. Trim it to a desirable size. 
4. With Mod Podge glue it to your flexible magnetic sheet. 
5. Let dry. 
6. Trim it to a desirable size.
7. Hang. 
Here is your free printable…

To print right click on image and save it to your computer, and then print. 
I hung it in my kitchen on my fridge and I love the simplicity of it. My girls sat there and read the menu for the next week. They got excited!
The menu can change and I can erase it with a wet paper towel. I choose wet erase because the pen is a fine point pen. I like being able to see the words clearly. The dry erase pens do work… in fact the pink date night is with a dry erase pen.
Just wipe it off with a paper towel and viola… a weekly magnetic menu!

Happy Meal Planning-

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