Cost-Effective Pantry


The secret to a good cook is a well stocked pantry. 

I have some tips and ideas for you on how to have a cost-effective pantry.

I am no means a professional organizer… but these tips have helped me over the years on having a great organized pantry.

I have put together a list of 8 tips that can help you have a cost-effective pantry.


**adapted from Taste of Home

Isn’t that so simple! Here is how I have used these tips in my VERY OWN pantry.

Now…. I am not a real organizer, as much as I try to be. I don’t have all the cute baskets and containers from the container store, but this is a real picture of my pantry.

cost-effective pantry


I hesitate on sharing this… because people can be so judgement sometimes, but this is what we use. This is what we eat. This is what I have on my shelves in my pantry. Its not too much… but this is all the storage pantry space that I have in this new rental house. I really think it is quite big and I love it!

Bins from target… to hold all my seasonings, yeast, jell-o etc.


Command hooks… to hold my grocery sacks and aprons.


And I group like items together… like this. ALL my breakfast items in one area. Pastas in one area…

you get the idea right?!



AND now my favorite part of sharing this cost-effective panty with you is…


 My pantry vinyl sign.

Over the years I have never decorated my home with vinyl. My husband never really wanted me too and I never really liked it. Then I got the silhouette machine and I have decided that I have wanted to learn how to use it…


I followed this tutorial on the Silhouette Blog.  It was simple and I just adore it!


As this being really one of my very fist vinyl projects… I want to share with you where I found the transfer tape that you can get locally for this type of project.

It is called Montroy Supply Co.

They have a shop local here in Mesa AZ.

I picked up my transfer tape and


my very own



I am very happy about this little project!

What project of organization have you been working on??


I hope these tips with help you have a cost effective pantry and inspire you to make your own sign!


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