About Me

Welcome to my home {blog}!!!
My name is Carrie Perrins.
I have lived in the Valley of the Sun…
for about 15 years.
However… we are transplants.
My husband is a transplant from Washington State and I am a transplant from Utah.
we call Arizona
We have
beautiful Daughters!!!
I am privileged to get to be a
stay-at-home mom
for them.
I love being a mom!
My family loves to travel!!
Every summer we travel for an entire month!
This last summer we got to explore the Pacific Northwest!
It was amazing!
family picture
I love my family!
I love this blog!
I have been blogging since February 2013.
I am very happy you found my place I call home!
Enjoy your time look around-this blog is dedicated to my family and what I cook, bake, serve, decorate, post, love, and share is from my heart!
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