10 of my favorite fun free fonts

10 favorite fun free fonts

I know I usually only do about 5 fonts for Friday Font Love… but I couldn’t resist this time because I  have 10 of my favorite fun free fonts for you!! This round-up of fonts is FUN!!!

Which one is your favorite?? If you can even pick a favorite out of these 10 fun fonts!!

Here they are for your enjoyment!!

10 of my favorite fun free fonts

By Carrie Perrins

1. Dotness

2. Fullsize Sans

3. Archistico

4. Alpine

5. Anchor Jack

6. Ice Cream Sandwiches

7. kG Happy

8. Macy’s Lemonade

9. KG First Time in Forever

10. Tamoro Script Font


Have a great fun time with these fonts!



Memorial Day Fonts


With Memorial Day vastly approaching… I thought it was fitting to post some Memorial Day Fonts.  I really love these fonts! They are great!

Memorial Day is set apart to honor and remember those individuals who have served in the Unites States Armed Forces.  Families go to cemeteries and place a flag on their gravesite… thanking them and honoring them. Then they celebrate by having a family picnic, BBQ, or get together.

I wish to thank those that have defended our freedoms. I truly appreciate your dedicated service to my family, to our country, and to our freedoms.

In honor of Memorial Day… here are 5 Free Memorial Day Fonts.

5 Free Memorial Day Fonts

By Carrie Perrins

1.  federal holiday is… waking up.

2.  american flag is… hula skirt girl.

3. family gatherings is…firefly castle.

4. military service is…sugarcubes.

5. start of summer is… nella sue. 


I just love that Nella Sue font. It is by far my favorite. So… I created a free printable for you.

Some cupcake toppers…  with the words… in memory… on a flag.

I think these would be great on top of a cupcake or some brownies. {They are for personal use only.}


May you have a safe and fun Memorial Day.

And In Memory… of those that have passed on… THANK YOU! 



You can download the pdf here…. in memory.  { Please do not alter or claim as your own. Please link back to my site, thank you }


One Year Ago… Pin-It Teacher Appreciation. 


5 Free Teachers Fonts

Teacher Appreciation


As most of you know this week is Teacher Appreciation week… and I have put together 5 Free Teachers Fonts.

First… I must say. Teachers are one of a kind. They are truly unique individuals that teach and educate our children. They put up with soooo much. They work very hard to teach the standards with many children in their classroom. Yet… they seem to be able to reach the one.

My girls have truly loved most of their teachers but I know that for some of you that could be a different story.

But… teachers truly can make a difference in the lives of their students. I have seen it many times in the lives of my girls.

We can all be teachers. I know that I have several teaching moments as a mom on a daily basis.

I have gathered 5 Free Teachers Fonts for you.

5 Free Teachers Fonts

By Carrie Perrins

1.  Thank you …. Aubrey.

2.  Teachers … Type Keys.

3. We Appreciate … Happy Birthday Baby.

4.  All you do… Moon Flower.

5.  You are loved… KG Defying Gravity.


I hope that you teachers know that you are loved. At least my girls always cry at the end of the school year. They love being in the classroom learning from you everyday.

A sincere Thank You from one kind of teacher to another.


5 Free Fonts



5 free fonts


Which artist sings this song…

Hello… I love you won’t you tell me your name??

I have had that song stuck in my head all day long. This song has a special meaning to me. I met my husband when I was 15 and he sent me a tape… yes that dates me. But he sent me this tape with him talking and playing music on it. This was one of the songs. My husband has a knack for knowing good music. I will treasure that tape and him sending something to me forever.

For some reason, this songs keeps playing over and over in my head. I do love this song. So… I have put together some really cool free fonts for #fridayfontlove.

I love some good free fonts. I love the variety of these fonts.

5 Free Fonts

By Carrie Perrins

hello… is yellow peas demo.

i love you… is Aliquam.

won’t you tell… is FoglihtenNo07.

me… is Signerica Fat Font.

your name… is Dancing Script Font.


The other really cool free font download were these… Dingleberries.  I think I am going to like using them.

Happy Friday Friends-





Give up on the artist of that song… The Doors.

5 Free Mother’s Day Fonts

5 Free Mother's Day Fonts

5 Free Mother’s Day fonts. I can’t believe I haven’t done some free Mother’s Day fonts yet. I guess as a mother… we are always the last one. Right?

Mother… I love you. Mother… I do.

In a couple of weeks is Mother’s Day. I am so blessed to be a mother. It is the most challenging thing ever, but the most rewarding. The other day we were riding in the van going somewhere and I had a hard day. I am potty training a 2 year old. Yea… my life is rough right now. But… once she is potty trained. No more diapers… ever. Well… at least not for awhile. Anyways…  my oldest daughter says to me mom I know you yell at me, but I know you love me. It was the sweetest thing ever.

It made my heart melt. I love hearing things like this. Yes… in all reality I do yell. But… she still feels it in her heart that I love her. That is so important. I have succeeded in my mothering, because I do love my girls. I try really hard to show that to them.

Anyways… I have 5 free fonts that are just adorable for you for your Mother’s Day preparations.

5 Free Mother’s Day Fonts

By Carrie Perrins


1.  Garfield.

2. Tincushion

3. Cellos Script.

4. Chocolate Box

5. florence


Florence has become my new favorite. Yea… I know my favorites change on a weekly basis. Oh well… It is fun finding new fonts!!

Check out what I did last year all week long for Mother’s Day… here.

I hope you can use these new fonts in your preparations for Mother’s Day.

Mother… I love you. Mother… I do.

Happy Mother’s Day-